In the context of business organizations, not least the company activities which require their staff to travel in order to fulfill its business objectives. Service activities outside of town and even abroad are often carried out by almost all functions / departments in the company, for example for a business presentation events, meetings, training, seminar, family gathering, and others. All these activities would not be released from the activity of booking / ticket booking, hotel booking, transactions, and other planning.

In order to fulfill the competency of the employees who are responsible for handling functions on the tour and travel company, then management needs to strive for them given briefing on the management of Tour & Travel, ranging from planning, implementation in practice, management, and the evaluation and control process.

• Travel Management
• How to Manage Travel Matters
• How to Make an Effective Deals with hotel booking
• How to Make Relationship with Tour Operator dan Travel Agent
• Flight, Airport and Hotel Pick up
• Perform Best Practice in being a Good Travel Manager
• How to Organizing Staff & Dealing with People
• Payment Methods
• Negotiation Skill
• Task Delegation Within Team

1. Presentation
2. Discuss
3. Case Study
4. Evaluation

• Agency back-office personnel
• Mid-level managers
• Travel Managers

On Call

On Call