• Understand the tendering process
• Understand contract Administration
• Understand the supply market analysis
• Understand specification drawing – bill of quantities and terms of reference.
• Carry out pre-qualification and short-listing
• Understand orders and contracts
• Carry out contract negotiations – negotiate win-win contracts
• Evaluate bids, award contracts and prepare contract agreements / LPO’s
• Know and appreciate the ethical and integrity issues in procurement.
• Know which type method of invitation to use when tendering.

1. An overview of the tendering process and contract management
2. Supply market analysis and Managing supplier relationships.
3. Preparing a tender invitation package bid documents, tender plan and drafting a contact. (K)
4. Legal issues and procedures in contract tendering and management
5. Negotiating win-win contracts
6. Supplies evaluation and selection
7. Communication, Documentation and record management in TEM
8. Contract Administration, Termination of Contracts and responsibilities of stakeholders
9. Global issues and guidelines in tendering and contract management
10. Contract dispute and grievance management
11. Payment procedures and mechanisms
12. Ethical and integrity issues in procurement

1. Presentation
2. Discuss
3. Case Study
4. Evaluation

The course targets members of tender boards and contract committees, procurement related staff plus any other person interested to advance his/her career in procurement.


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