Objective :

Training Integrated Export Import is a technical training in the field of export import in order to provide knowledge and practical skills in terms of policies issued by relevant agencies related to export import activities, ranging from marketing activities, handling / transport handling import and export of payment systems, also on the technical aspects of the manufacture of export import documents.



Participants :

Served with a practical method, this program is for those of you who will or has run the business of export / import (Beginner). After following this program you are able to perform targeted Import Export process effectively and efficiently.



Training Programme :

  1. Overview Export Import
  2. Policy in Export & Import
  3. Customs of export import
  4.   Transportation and Handling Cargo
  5. Incoterm 2010
  6. Calculation of Export Pricing
  7. Calculation of Import Pricing
  8. Quality Standard Export Market
  9. Practise reading and understanding LC
  10. Practise Filling of Export Document
  11. Practise Filling of Import Document
  12. Export Payment
  13. Clasification of Import Goods (HS)
  14. L/C Transaction
  15. Agencies Involved in Export Import
  16. Type of Payment Export Import
  17. Facilities in Customs of Export


Duration :

2 days