ISO/IEC 17025 is an internationally recognized standard which defines the general requirements for the competence to carry out tests and calibrations.

The standard can be used by all organizations performing tests/calibration and is often used to improve management of laboratories and the quality of the results. Clients using ISO 17025 certified laboratories have assurance of the laboratory working to an internationally recognized quality standard, which is externally audited on annual basis.

How Our ISO 17025 Consultants Can Help

Our experienced ISO 17025 consultants can support you with implementing an efficient laboratory management system in compliance with and able to get certified to ISO 17025. We provide ISO 17025 consulting solutions suitable for organizations across various industries which are tailored to the needs of each individual client.

We provide a variation of services and depending on your internal resources, our involvement can vary from reviewing and consulting to developing parts of your system. Our service include items such as

  • Gap Analysis to determine compliance with the standard and what actions are required to get certified.
  • Develop your internal audit function and conduct your internal audits.
  • Qualifying and training your personnel for internal audits
  • Attend 3rd party audits and help address any findings raised.
  • Support developing processes for continuous improvement once ISO 17025 have been implemented.

The Solusipro Consulting Difference

We believe ISO management systems can provide extensive benefits to an organization and that every part of it should add value. This is also the approach our ISO 17025 consultants take when they support with your ISO 17025 implementation project. The management system will be developed taking your current processes into account.

Benefits of ISO 17025 Certification

  • Better quality data that makes operations more efficient and effective.
  • ISO 17025 is recognized internationally and being certified to the standard gives you recognition within the industry and to prospective clients.
  • Improved customer confidence by knowing products are tested in accordance with the standard and that the laboratory is accessed regularly by a third party.
  • ISO 17025 include evaluation of staff, methods, equipment, calibration and reporting to guarantee test result validity
  • ISO 17025 reduces the need for conducting supplier audits as the laboratory will be audited yearly by a third party

ISO 17025 is a must for any laboratory looking to meet the increasing demands of clients and keep up with their competitors. Using an ISO 17025 consultant can save time and resources used for unnecessary tasks. Start now to get your ISO 17025 certification in a matter of month. Please contact our marketing to guide you for the best arrangement of consultation.

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